We sat down with Na'Vi's AWPer and ex-Virtus Pro and Faze Clan player Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács to film the latest video for our CS:GO Teammates series. Guardian discusses his past and present CSGO teammates and covers everything from the best and worst CSGO players he has played with to the most clutch player and who is the most handsome.

The legendary AWPer has lived through multiple interactions of Na’Vi and FaZe lineups playing with some of the best players CS:GO has ever seen from NiKo and s1mple to Zeus and Karrigan. So expect a lot of insight to how these teams worked and what went wrong. 

Guardian was recently benched by Na’Vi and is likely looking for new options to move on in his CS:GO career. Given his experience and reputation as one of the best AWPers in CS:GO history he shouldn't be short of options.  

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