The MLBB Southeast Asia Cup, better known as MLBB MSC, is just dawning on the horizon, promising epic battles and intense gameplay. Mark your calendars, as this competition kicks off on June 10 and concludes with the Grand Finals on June 18!

This year, the regional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament is expanding its horizons as MLBB teams not only from Southeast Asia but also North America, Turkey and the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region take to the stage!

Here's everything Mobile Legends fans need to know about the upcoming MLBB Southeast Asia Cup, including the tournament's format, all teams competing, and the Group Stage and Playoffs schedule.

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023: Format

The MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023 will be split into the Group Stage and the Knockout Stage.

Group Stage (June 10-13)

  • 12 teams are divided into four groups of three teams each
  • All matches are played as best-of-three in a single round-robin format
  • The top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs/Knockout Stage, for six teams in total

Knockout Stage (June 15-18)

  • Matches are played in a single elimination bracket.
  • All games are best-of-five, except the Grand Final, which is the best-of-seven.

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023: Teams

12 teams will compete in the Mobile Legends: Southeast Asia Cup. With the theme #SEATheWorld, the competition is steadily evolving to become an inclusive and global event, with teams from NA, MENA, and Turkey all receiving slots as new contenders.

All teams will be listed below, with how they qualified and alongside their confirmed player rosters according to their in-game names.


  • ECHO (MPL PH S11 Champion): Sanford, KarlTzy, Sanji, Bennyqt, Yawi
  • Blacklist International (MPL PH Runner-up): Edward, Wise, Yue, Owl, OhMyV33NUS


  • TODAK (MPL MY S11 Champion): Momo, Rival, Moon, CikuGais, YumS


  • BURN x FLASH (MPL KH Spring Winner): ATM, CHMA, C Cat, Donut, D7

North America

  • Outplay (NACT Spring Winner): URESHIII, Bestplayer1, Hoon, Basically, SHARK


  • Fenix Esports (Myanmar Qualifier): Royal Milk, FayYan, Px7, Beni, Simple


  • RSG Slate SG (MPL SG S5 Champion): Diablo, BRAYYY, Roy, Okky, Lucianqt


  • ONIC Esports (MPL ID S11 Champion): Butsss, Kairi, S A N Z, CW, Kiboy
  • EVOS Legends (MPL ID S11 Runner-up): Saykots, Tazz, Hijumee, Branz, DreamS


  • Team EVO (Mekong Qualifier): Opper, Yourname, Agi, BisTon, TwentyAugust


  • Fire Flux Impunity (MLBB Turkey Championship): Alien, Kyura, Lunar, Sunshine, APEX47

Middle East

  • Team Occupy (MPL MENA Spring Winner): Alphord, Lio, Smile, Speedy, Maro

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023: How To Watch

Mobile Legends has a broad audience in Southeast Asia, with average viewers hours reaching new heights during MPL PH and MDL PH, to name a few pro tournaments.

As such, Moonton are expanding its reach to encompass a wide range of social media channels to showcase the events of the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup, like TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. Fans are in luck, as there will be several live streams available for various regions, including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey, and the Middle East.

The English Mobile Legends Twitch channel is embedded below for reader convenience.

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023: Group Stage Schedule

Last year's Southeast Asia Cup venue was the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre. It's a great year for esports events in Cambodia as they were also the host for the 32nd SEA Games, and are also hosting the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup at the Aeon Mall in Phnom Penh.

Below is the schedule for the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup. All times will be in BST, and match winners will be in bold next to their match results.

Group A

  • June 10 (10:30 AM) - ECHO Vs. Team EVO
  • June 11 (1: 00 PM) - ECHO Vs. FireFlux
  • June 13 (8:00 AM) - FireFlux Vs. Team EVO

Group B

  • June 10 (1:00 PM) - Fenix Vs. EVOS
  • June 11 (10:30 AM) - Fenix Vs. RSG Slate
  • June 12 (8:00 AM) - RSG Slate Vs. EVOS

Group C

  • June 10 (8:00 AM) - ONIC Vs. BURN
  • June 12 (10:30 AM) - ONIC Vs. Outplay
  • June 13 (10:30 AM) - Outplay Vs. BURN

Group D

  • June 11 (8:00 AM) - TODAK Vs. Occupy
  • June 12 (1:00 PM) - Blacklist International Vs. Occupy
  • June 13 (1:00 PM) - TODAK Vs. Blacklist International

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup: Group Stage Standings

The standings for the Group Stage will be updated as the tournament unfolds, so stay tuned!

Group A

  • ECHO
  • Fire Flux Impunity
  • Team EVO

Group B

  • EVOS Legends
  • Fenix Esports
  • RSG Slate SG

Group C

  • ONIC Esports
  • Outplay

Group D

  • Blacklist International
  • Team Occupy

Final Thoughts

That's everything we currently know about the 2023 MLBB Southeast Asia Cup. The prize pool is yet to be announced, alongside the schedule for the playoffs. This article will be updated with new information when it is released.

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