Last updated: April 17, 2023 (Added playoffs schedule and the current results).

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's competitive season will start with a bang this year, commencing with the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) season 11.

The regular season is set to kick off on February 17th, running until April 16th 2023. This exciting event features eight franchised teams, who will all be competing for MPL Philippines Season 11's championship title.

This league determines which teams will qualify to represent the Philippines in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) in June.

There will be a tense rematch between reigning M4 World Championship winners ECHO Philippines and the defending MPL Philippines title winners Blacklist International on the opening day. Other MLBB powerhouses like ONIC Philippines and Bren Esports will also be ones to watch out for.

Here's everything fans need to know about the upcoming MPL Philippines Season 11, including the match format, schedule, and the participating teams.

MPL Philippines Season 11: Format

The regular season features a double-round-robin format with a best-of-three system. The competing teams earn points depending on the results of their individual games.

The points-scoring system work as follows: 

  • Three points for a 2-0 score
  • Two points for 1-0 
  • One point for 0-1 
  • No points for 0-2

The top six teams with the most points will proceed to the playoffs and duke it out to win the lion’s share of the USD $150,000 prize pool.

The playoffs stage will be from May 4th-7th, 2023 and feature a hybrid elimination. The 3rd to 6th seeded teams will compete in Round I, featuring a single elimination bracket.

1st and 2nd seeded teams recieve a round bye into Round 2, which will be a double-elimination bracket. All matches will be Bo5, except for the Grand Final, which will be a Bo7.

MPL Philippines Standings

Here are the current standings for the MPL PH Season 11 at the end of the regular season. The six teams advancing to the playoffs are in May: Blacklist International, Omega Esports, RSG.Slate PH, ONIC Philippines all in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals.

ECHO and Bren Esports automatically qualify for the Semifinals due to finishing in 2nd and 1st place, respectively. TNC Pro Team and Nexplay EVOS are eliminated from the tournament.

1) Bren Esports - 11-3 | 23-9 | 31 points

2) ECHO - 11-3 | 23-11 | 29 points

3) Blacklist International - 8-6 | 18-14 | 24 points

4) RSG Slate PH - 7-7 | 17-16 | 22 points

5) ONIC Philippines - 6-8 | 16-19 | 19 points

6) Omega Esports - 6-8 | 15-19 | 18 points

7) Nexplay EVOS - 4-10 | 13-22 | 15 points

8) TNC Pro Team - 3-11 | 8-23 | 10 points

MPL Philippines Season 11: Who are the teams competing?

Eight teams will compete in the MPL Philippines regular season before the winning top six teams head to the all-important playoffs. Here are the eight teams that will be participating in MPL PH Season 11.

Blacklist International

Blacklist International won their 3rd title in four consecutive seasons after triumphing 4-2 over ECHO in the previous playoffs held at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan, Quezon City, Manila. Blacklist and ECHO's rematch is highly-anticipated and will set the tone for MPL PH Season 11's duration.

Blacklist's roster shuffle was announced on Twitter, and is built around their tandem core of OhMyV33nus and Wise. Overall, their composition consists of strong, well-rounded players ready to defend their MPL Philippines title.

  • Edward Jay Dapadap - "EDWARD"
  • Dexter Louise Cruz Alba - "Dex Star"
  • Aniel Jiandani - “MasterTheBasics”
  • Danerie James del Rosario -"Wise"
  • Jonmar Villaluna - "OhMyV33nus"
  • Renejay Barcase - "RENEJAY"
  • Kenneth Tadeo - “Yue”
  • Red Bordeos - “SuperRed”

Yue joins the champion-caliber team with a plethora of experience. He was a former member of the rookie-team Maharlika Esports. Renejay is a former Nexplay EVOS talent and was previously a stand-in for Blacklist. Super Red completes the squad.

Master The Basics takes on the mantle of head coach, while Dex Star will serve as Blacklist’s assistant coach.  

Blacklist International has some interesting strategies they implement into their MLBB matches, the most famous of which is their UBE tactic, pioneered in Season 8. An acronym for Ultimate Bonding Experience, UBE was a deciding factor in the Blacklist's rise to success.

UBE sees the team moving as a collective unit, sticking together as much as they physically can. Whether they are hunting down enemies, engaging in an initial team fight or falling back, the UBE strat means they all need to stay together. OhMyV33NUS and Wise have an unbreakable bond as a duo. It will be interesting to see how effective their UBE synergy will be with the new recruits.


ECHO Philippines, or ECHO, have a point to prove as they will face off in a rematch against Blacklist International for their first game.

ECHO have proved time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with, as they recently bested ONIC PH in the upper-bracket semi finals of the M4 World Championships. Their team consists of the following members:

  • Sanford Marin Vinuya - "Sanford"
  • Karl Gabriel Nepomuceno - "KarlTzy"
  • Alston Pabico - "Sanji"
  • Benedict Gonzales - "Bennyqt"
  • Tristan Cabrera - "YAWI"

Bren Esports

Bren Esports, sometimes abbreviated as BREN, previously secured a respectable 4th place finish in MPL Philippines Season 10. Here is their current roster ready for the MPL Philippines Season 11.

  • David Charles Canon - "FlapTzy"
  • Vincent Unigo - "Pandora"
  • Michael Angelo Sayson - "KyleTzy"
  • Angelo Kyle Arcangel - "Pheww"
  • Marco Stephen Requitano - "SUPER MARCO"
  • Rowgien Stimpson Unigo - "Owgwen"

Nexplay EVOS

Nexplay EVOS have made substantial changes to their roster for the upcoming MPL Philippines season, including releasing fan-favorite jungler John Paul Salonga, otherwise known by his ID "H2wo."

They have also partnered with Minana Esports, one of the most successful amateur teams in Mobile Legends. Featuring promising young-blood talent from Minana Esports, it will be interesting to watch their ascension to the professional scene.

Nexplay EVOs new roster is now comprised of the following members, ready for the MPL PH:

  • Jeniel Bata-Anon - “YellyHaze
  • Bien Chumacera - “Boyet DR
  • Dominic Del Mundo - “Domengdr
  • Danver Canja - “Ding DR
  • Mitzuki Akiyama - “Brusko DR
  • Christian Martinez - “Goyongdr

RSG Slate PH

RSG Slate PH has seen a massive shake-up in their line-up and rebranding, as they recently entered into a partnership with Slate Esports on February 1st.

RSG Slate PH has also recently acquired H2wo from the Nexplay EVOS, just in time for the upcoming MPL Philippines Season 11.

RSG PH will aim to defend their throne and title in the MSC 2023 tournament, and it will be great to see how they will utilize a jungler like H2wo in their upcoming matches.

  • Nathanael Sumpay Estrologo - "Nathzz"
  • Jann Kirk Solcruz Gutierrez - "Kirk"
  • John Paul Sandueta Salonga - "H2wo"
  • Dexter Piedad Martinez - "Exort"
  • Elsyon Edouard Caranza - "Wrecker"
  • Eman Llanda Sangco - "EMANN"
  • Salvick Guiyab Tolarba - "Kouzen"
  • Dylan Aaron Catipon - "Light"

ONIC Philippines

The roster for ONIC Philippines has remained consistent for the MPL PH, with Pancake as the new addition to the team, joining in 2023.

  • Nowee Cabailo - "Ryota"
  • Landher San Gabriel - "Der"
  • Stephen Castillo - "Sensui"
  • Frince Miguel Ramirez - "Super Frince"
  • Kenneth Barro - "Nets"
  • Jefferdson Mogol - "Kekedoot"
  • Archie Guevarra Jr. - "Pancake"

Omega Esports

Omega Esports, often abbreviated to OMG, have unveiled their revamped roster in preparation for the MPL PH Season 11, with fresh faces among their long-stay veterans.

  • Renz Errol Salonga Cadua - "Renzio"
  • Dean Christian Sumagui - "Raizen"
  • Dale Rolan Vidor - "Stown"
  • Grant Duane Pillas - "Kelra"
  • Mico Tabangay - "Mikko"
  • Jomie Abalos - "P4kbet"
  • Anthony Senedrin - "YnoT"
  • Gabriel Ariola - "Louis"
  • Patrick Caidic - "E2MAX"

Louis is a new face joining the group, ready to prove himself worthy of joining the proclaimed Comeback Kings, while Stown is a former prodigy from Bren Esports. E2MAX will be taking on coaching duties for this season.

TNC Pro Team

TNC Pro Team has much to prove in MPL PH Season 11, as they had a disappointing end to Season 10, where they finished in last place in 8th. As such, they have reconstructed their group with some brand-new faces to join their talent pool.

  • Mark Genzon Sojero Rusiana - "Kramm"
  • Kenneth Fedelin - "Saxa"
  • Robee Byran Pormocille - "Yasuwo"
  • Ben Seloe Dizon Maqlaque - "Benthings"
  • Jomearie Delos Santos - "Escalera"
  • Kristofer Calderon - "Hesu"
  • King Perez - "K1ngKong"
  • Jetson Ignacio - "Goyo"
  • Jayson Alupit - "Riku"
  • Vincent Bana - "Innocent"

MPL Philippines Season 11: Schedule and where to watch

MPL Philippines Season 11 will run from February 17th until April 16th and is hosted by Moonton. For any fans wanting to see the thrill of the action up-close and personal, the venue will be at Shooting Gallery Studios, located in 3317 Zapote, Makati, Metro Manila. 

Tickets for Week 1-3 matches will be purchasable from, which will be on-sale on February 10. 

Not to worry for anyone unable to attend, all matches over the course of eight weeks will be live-streamed on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official social platforms, including Facebook and YouTube. 

MPL Philippines Season 11: Week 1

Here is the complete schedule for the MPL Philippines Season 11. The regular season is now done and dusted, so fans have the playoffs to look forward to at the beginning of May.

February 17

  • 4PM - Blacklist International V. ECHO
  • 6.30PM - TNC Pro Team V. Nexplay EVOS

February 18

  • 1PM - ECHO V. Bren Esports
  • 4PM - ONIC Philippines V. Omega Esports
  • 6.30PM - TNC Pro Team V. Blacklist International

February 19

  • 4PM - RSG Slate PH V. ONIC Philippines
  • 6.30PM - Omega Esports V. Bren Esports

MPL Philippines Season 11: Week 2

February 24

  • 4PM - Omega Esports V. RSG Slate PH
  • 6.30PM - Nexplay EVOS V. Bren Esports

February 25

  • 1PM - TNC Pro Team V. RSG Slate PH
  • 4PM - ONIC Philippines V. ECHO
  • 6.30PM - Blacklist International V. Omega Esports

February 26

  • 4PM - Bren Esports V. TNC Pro Team
  • 6.30PM - ONIC Philippines V. Nexplay EVOS

MPL Philippines Season 11: Week 3

March 3

  • 4PM - Blacklist International V. ONIC Philippines
  • 6.30PM - TNC Pro Team V. ECHO

March 4

  • 1PM - Omega Esports V. Nexplay EVOS
  • 4PM - ONIC Philippines V. TNC Pro Team
  • 6.30pm - Bren Esports V. RSG Slate PH

March 5

  • 4PM - ECHO V. Nexplay EVOS
  • 6.30PM - RSG Slate PH V. Blacklist International

MPL Philippines: Week 4

March 10

  • 4PM - Blacklist International V. Bren Esports
  • 6.30PM - ECHO V. Omega Esports

March 11

  • 1PM - Nexplay EVOS V. RSG Slate PH
  • 4PM - Omega Esports V. TNC Pro Team
  • 6.30PM - Bren Esports V. ONIC Philippines

March 12

  • 4PM - Nexplay EVOS V. Blacklist International
  • 6.30PM - RSG Slate PH V. ECHO

MPL Philippines Season 11: Week 5

March 17

  • 4PM - ECHO V. Blacklist International
  • 6.30PM - Nexplay EVOS V TNC Pro Team

March 18

  • 1PM - Bren Esports V. ECHO
  • 4PM - Omega Esports V. ONIC Philippines
  • 6.30PM - Blacklist International V. TNC Pro Team

March 19

  • 4PM - ONIC Philippines V. RSG Slate PH
  • 6.30PM - Bren Esports V. Omega Esports

MPL Philippines Season 11: Week 6

March 24

  • 4PM - RSG Slate PH V. Omega Esports
  • 6.30PM - Bren Esports V. Nexplay EVOS

March 25

  • 1PM - TNC Pro Team V. RSG Slate PH
  • 4PM - ECHO V. ONIC Philippines
  • 6.30PM - Omega Esports V. Blacklist International

March 26

  • 4PM - TNC Pro Team V. Bren Esports
  • 6.30PM - Nexplay EVOS V. ONIC Philippines

MPL Philippines Season 11: Week 7

March 31

  • 4PM - ONIC Philippines V Blacklist International
  • 6.30PM - ECHO V. TNC Pro Team

April 1

  • 1PM - Omega Esports Vs. Nexplay EVOS
  • 4PM - ONIC Philippines V. TNC Pro Team
  • 6.30PM - RSG.Slate PH Vs. Bren Esports

April 2

  • 4PM - Nexplay EVOS V. ECHO
  • 6.30PM - Blacklist International V. RSG.Slate PH

MPL Philippines Season 11: Week 8

April 14

  • 4PM - Bren Esports V. Blacklist International
  • 6.30PM - Omega Esports V. ECHO

April 15

  • 1PM - RSG.Slate PH V. Nexplay EVOS
  • 4PM - TNC Pro Team V. Omega Esports
  • 6.30PM - ONIC Philippines V. Bren Esports

April 16

  • 4PM - Nexplay EVOS V. Blacklist International
  • 6.30PM - RSG.Slate PH V. ECHO

MPL Philippines Season 11: Playoffs

May 4 (Exact times yet TBC)

  • Omega Esports Vs. Blacklist International
  • RSG.Slate PH Vs. ONIC Philippines

May 5

  • ECHO Vs. TBD
  • Bren Esports Vs. TBD

Rivalry has got MLBB fans and MPL esports enthusiasts covered with the latest coverage and best betting odds on all teams competing in the MPL Philippines Season 11.

This article will be updated with further details as they become available, including current standings.