Want to see what Rivalry is cookin’ up just in time for the NBA Playoffs? We’re talking combos! And not just any combos, but finger-lickin’, hand-crafted NBA SGC. 

With Rivalry’s Bet-ter builder, every bet is not only your chance to win big, but also to win free food. Treat yourself to the excitement of NBA betting, paired with some mouthwatering treats, courtesy of Rivalry. 

Intrigued? We know you are. Keep reading to learn how to bet and eat big with Rivalry’s combolicious NBA SGC. 

Combolicious Combos For You! 

We know you’re hungry for more. And we’ve got just the (meal) ticket for you! The Rivalry multiverse is growing and growing. Taking on the pseudo-persona of a fast-food joint, pick from our Rivalry partner NBA SGC menu for a meal you won’t forget! 

Throughout the NBA playoffs, you can get free food (courtesy of our CEO’s wallet). All you have to do is keep an eye on our partners’ socials (Z4PNU, KAYLA, XAN, BIANCAKE, SHEHYEE, and BASKETBALL REPUBLIC) to stay in the loop. 

They may unveil their Combolicious Combo anytime between April 21 - June 14, 2024, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Place your bet copying their exact NBA SGC, with a minimum wager of 100 PHP. If their NBA SGC prediction wins, you’ll get a PHP 300 Grab Food voucher from us! Free food and money, what more could you want? 

Even More Combolicious Combos: Daily Food Giveaway

Did somebody say "free food?" To say thanks for choosing us as your dedicated NBA betting site, we've organized a daily giveaway through our Rivalry Tribe PH Facebook group.

Here's how to participate and win even more free food - on us!

How to Participate

  • Must have a Rivalry Verified Account 
  • Must be a Tribe member
  • Keep a close watch for our Tribe Picks daily posts unveiling their delectable Combolicious Combos from May 3 – May 10, 2024!

Once you've fulfilled the above criteria, all you have to do is watch for our daily Tribe Picks, copy their exact NBA SGC Combos, with a minimum bet of 100 PHP. If their NBA SGC prediction wins, you'll get a Grab Food voucher worth 300 PHP to spend on food! Savor the taste of victory with Rivalry.

Taste Victory with Rivalry NBA SGC

Our one-of-a-kind NBA SGC and Rivalry’s Bet-Ter Builder is serving up slam-dunk amazement and huge wins. Rivalry’s Same Game Combos are delicious, nutritious, and can even come with a side of fries.

Placing bets using Rivalry’s very own NBA SGC is your chance to win major $$$$ but also win some food to go alongside your NBA viewing experience. After all, sports and food go hand-in-hand. 

Looking for a refresher course on how to place Rivalry NBA SGC bets? We got you! Follow our simple step-by-step guide below to get started. Let the food and the cash flood in!

  1. Find an NBA match with Same Game Combos active. Games with this feature will have a pink brain icon on the match line. 
  2. Click anywhere on the match line to open the page, then side-scroll along and select “Same Game Combos.” Once you’re here, your screen will be filled with lightning strikes and a purple galaxy. 
  3. Prove your NBA knowledge by using our NBA bet builder! Whether you bleed team colors or have a favorite player, you can personalize your bet slip to suit you. Check out all the different NBA markets available for each game, such as Player Props, Futures, Totals, Spreads, and many more. 
  4. Set your bet amount, ship your bet, and watch the magic happen!

Build a bet (and a meal) with Rivalry NBA SGC - have a meal on us and let the good times roll. Winning has never tasted so good! 

If you have any questions about NBA SGCs or general betting queries, contact our dedicated 24/7 customer support team

Android App - For the Philippines

Tired of going through countless redirects and blocked URLs to successfully bet on our site? 101 errors getting you down? Now presenting the Rivalry App, for Android. Now you can have all the betting action in one place, through your smartphone! 

You don’t even have to move from your sofa! All Rivalry’s NBA SGC features are available via our Android App, so you can get one-tap bets and wins at your fingertips. The more you bet, the more you bite with Rivalry.