Overwatch 2 is bringing back the exciting PachiMarchi event two years after its first release, giving players a chance to grab the adorable epic Pachimari Roadhog skin and participate in an exciting new game mode to get some event-exclusive rewards. A Pachimari is the Overwatch mascot found on many beloved Overwatch maps like Hanamura inside the arcade machines. They are a fictional half-onion, half-octopus plushies, and the PachiMarchi event celebrates Roadhog’s undying love for them.   

The PachiMarchi 2023 event will start on March 21, giving players roughly a fortnight to collect all the rewards as the event ends on April 4, just before the potential arrival of the first Overwatch 2 Archives event.   

Here’s everything Overwatch players need to know about the 2023 PachiMarchi event.  

Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi 2023: New Game Mode  

The triumphant return of PachiMarchi sees a brand-new game mode called Catch-a-Mari. This is a team deathmatch/CoD-inspired “Kill Confirmed Limited Time Mode.”   

When players are eliminated in this game mode, they will drop a “dog tag” or a Pachimari plushie in this case. These must be collected to confirm the kill and score a point for your team. Teammates can also collect dropped Pachimaris from their team to prevent the enemy from getting a kill and scoring a point, so communication and positioning are essential in this mode! Grab 20 Pachimaris to win!

Players can choose any character from the entire OW2 roster, so get stuck in and have some fun! Pachimari king Roadhog himself is the commentator over this game. The map pool includes Downtown Busan, Hanamura, and Blizzard World.

Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi 2023: Skins and Cosmetics  

Like other previous Overwatch events, like the One Punch Man collab and Loverwatch Valentine’s event, some special rewards and cosmetics are up for grabs for completing challenges and participating in the event.   

The crown jewel of this limited-time event is, of course, the beautiful Pachimarchi skin for Roadhog. This epic-level skin sees the stoic Tank hero kitted out in a Pachimari outfit, with a mural of the adorable octopus creature decorating his belly. His belt reads that he is their #1 Fan.  

Players can earn this free epic skin and 80,000 Battle Pass XP by completing the event-specific challenges below throughout the two-week PachiMarchi event before it ends on April 4. All won games also grant players double progression towards completing their challenges.

  • Pachi-Saved! Deny 3 points in Catch-A-Mari. Rewards players with the Torbjorn Pachimari player icon.
  • Catch-A-Mari Contestant. Complete 5 games of Catch-A-Mari.
  • Ultimari. Score or deny 40 points in Catch-A-Mari. Rewards players with a Pachimari weapon charm.
  • Jump For Joy. Use 1 jump pad in Catch-A-Mari. Rewards players with the Mei Pachimari player icon.
  • Pachi-Caught! Score 3 points in Catch-A-Mari. Rewards players with the Ana Pachimari player icon.
  • Pachimari Warrior I. Complete 5 games. Rewards players with the Orisa Pachimari player icon.
  • Pachimari Warrior II. Complete 8 games. Rewards players with the Moira Pachimari player icon.
  • Pachimari Warrior III. Complete 12 games. Rewards players with the Wrecking Ball Pachimari player icon.
  • Pachimari Warrior IV. Complete 16 games. Rewards players with the Pachimari player name card.
  • Catch Them (Nearly) All. Complete 6 Catch-A-Mari event challenges. Rewards players with the Roadhog Pachimari (Epic) skin.

There will also be a login bonus in the form of the player icon, Hogimari, for any players that log in during the event.   

This article will be updated with more information about the PachiMarchi event when it becomes available. Rivalry is the home of esports and Overwatch 2 news – we’ve covered an Ultimate support guide, the best Overwatch 2 crosshairs, a complete hero unlock guide, and tons more! If Overwatch isn’t your thing, we have other bases covered, from League of Legends to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang