Explosions, Chaos, and absolute MAYHEM. Squee, Spleen, and Spoon, know ever so fondly as ‘the Techies’ were released six years ago with a bang during the TI4 all-star match To celebrate, here is a look at THE SIX BEST Techies MOMENTS in Dota 2.

Number Six: OG vs VG at TI9

We’re starting off this video with a bit of a fizzle as we work our way up to the fireworks - OG may not have won this game (or the Techies game they tried at the Epicenter Major a couple months before) but they definitely had some fun along the way...

Number Five: The Arteezy Reveal at TI4

For those of us among the crowd, this reveal hype alone gets this into the top 6 Techies moments of all time. Even if Arteezy and his teammates were a bit… unfamiliar with how to best handle the hero.

Number Four: EG vs Ehome at TI5

Although not the epic EG vs Ehome comeback that would happen a year later at TI6, Aui2000’s Techies moved regularly all over the map to harass CTY in any lane he moved to, constantly pushing in lanes and make space, and functioning as Techies functions - pure unadulterated annoyance.

Number Three: Team Secret.Kuroky Techies against Fnatic at ESL One Frankfurt

With a crowd going wild at the pick and a Zai Tuskar to combo with it, this was a beautifully executed Techies. The game saw endless carnage at Radiant’s safelane tower during the laning stage, and then a SIX MAN TEAM WIPE in the midlane. The game only got better for Kuro from there, with double and triple kills demolishing Fnatic again and again across the map.

Number Two: Techies & Pudge picked by Wings up against DC at TI6

From the team that could make anything work (usually), is it a surprise to anyone that they gave the absolute pub strat a try? For pure courage, or ego, alone - this Techies game earns second place.

Number One, the first place, the best Techies in pro Dota 2 goes to Aui_2000 during his time on EG as they played vs CDEC at TI5

Aui played Techies (and really any four position) in a way that teams just weren’t prepared for. He farmed and pushed, constantly making space for his team, forcing rotations and movements from CDEC. His stasis usage, utility, and overall play style made sure that EG’s presence at TI5 was explosive, with a beyond godlike performance to cement him as the best of Techies in Dota 2.

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