The immense popularity of mobile games and the convenience of playing games on the go means many popular titles are now being ported over to mobile devices.

Riot Games is no stranger to this, having re-created popular titles like League of Legends and TeamFight Tactics over to mobile. It should come as no surprise that Valorant is the next spike they want to plant in the mobile gaming world.

Valorant Mobile, the handheld version of the FPS for iOS and Android mobile devices, was initially announced in 2021 during the first anniversary of the PC version. However, Riot Games has since been hush-hush about Valorant's mobile version, with no official release date in sight.

Fans are eager to bring the tactical hero shooter to their pocket, so when is Valorant Mobile coming out?

When will Valorant Mobile release?

Valorant Mobile has been under development for over three years and is still unavailable to play. Riot Games has not released an official release date, leaving players in the dark. With gameplay leaks coming out all the time and a Closed Beta in China, we can expect a late Q4 2024 release for Valorant Mobile.

There are recent rumors circulating that an international beta for Valorant Mobile could launch as early as December 2023, though Riot have added no fuel to those fires.

Anna Dolan, the studio head for Valorant, spoke about the game's development, saying it has "been incredibly challenging" and their progress on the mobile version has been "slower than expected."

Data miners have found Valorant Mobile files in some recent Valorant PBE patches, suggesting a Valorant Mobile beta may be just around the corner.

Can I pre-register for Valorant Mobile?

Following in the footsteps of other popular mobile shooters, PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, Valorant Mobile is still in the infancy stages, with no official beta currently available, aside from the extremely-exclusive Closed Beta in China.

Although a Valorant Mobile release date has yet to be officially confirmed, a third-party application has begun a pre-registration process for Valorant Mobile. TapTap lets gamers put their names and details forward to be informed of Valorant Mobile's release and progress.

What's different about Valorant Mobile?

Like other mobile-ported shooter games, it takes time to re-create the high-quality graphics seen in the PC versions. Riot Games will have to build the game from the ground up to optimize it for Android and iOS devices fully.

Since it'll be an entirely new game, there's unlikely to be cross-progression, although Riot Games hasn't revealed anything about this yet. Due to the sheer skill difference and mechanical issues, Valorant Mobile probably won't be cross-platform with the PC version either.

Some gameplay leaks of Valorant Mobile show that the core experience of Valorant has been preserved. The maps, weapons, agents, and skins all look almost identical to the PC version, albeit on a smaller screen. The main change players can expect is different match durations and timings.

A Valorant game on PC is usually a long affair, lasting anywhere between 30 minutes or longer, as the match is typically played best-of-25, with the first team to win 13 rounds emerging victorious. Valorant Mobile games are likely to be shorter than that, with fewer rounds needed to secure the win.

Final Thoughts

That's everything we currently know about the state of Valorant Mobile. Stay informed on the Valorant Mobile News Twitter page, and keep an eye on this article for further information. We'll have the updates here as soon as new information becomes available, so watch this space!

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FAQs about Valorant Mobile

Who is developing Valotant Mobile?

Valorant Mobile is currently being developed by Tencent Games, the parent company of Riot Games. Tencent have plenty of experience with mobile titles, having released Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, Crossfire, and more.

When will Valorant Mobile launch?

Riot Game hasn't officially confirmed a release date for Valorant Mobile yet, so if you want to play Valorant on the go, you'll be waiting a bit longer. We can hope for a late 2024 release, with a beta in the coming months.

Where can I find the Valorant Mobile download?

When the mobile version of Valorant does officially launch, it will be available to download from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

What game modes will be available on Valorant Mobile?

All the popular game modes seen in the original Valorant will be available on Valorant Mobile, including Unrated, Competitive, Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Custom.

Will Valorant Mobile be free to play?

Seeing as Valorant on PC is free, and Riot's other offerings like TFT and Wild Rift are also free-to-play, we can safely assume that Valorant Mobile will follow the same trend and be free to download.