Recent datamining and Valorant leaks have revealed a new Valorant Agent hidden in the shadows. Introducing a new Valorant Controller agent codenamed "Smokedancer." While most details remain unknown, the new Agent leak implies that Smokedancer will have a dancer-inspired visual design, pink smoke abilities, and a hypnotic flair.

 If you're interested in knowing more about the new Agent, including their abilities and release date, keep reading.

Valorant New Agent: Smokedancer Release Date

Based on leaks and recent data-mining conducted by "Kingdom Laboratories," Riot Games will be launching a new Controller Agent named Smokedancer alongside Episode 8, Act 2 on March 8, 2024.

Smokedancer will be the first Agent release of 2024, bringing the total overall Valorant Agent roster up to 24 agents.

In 2023, Riot Games released Gekko, Deadlock, and Iso, and it is speculated that they may release three new Agents in 2024 following a similar pattern.

Valorant New Agent: Smokedancer Abilities

As a Controller Agent, Smokedancer should possess signature Smoke Wall, AoE Smoke ability, intel gathering tools, and an Ultimate ability. All existing Controllers, including Brimstone, Viper, Harbor, Omen, and Astra, follow this same archetype.

There also has yet to be a new Controller character since Harbor in October 2022, so Smokedancer as a Controller will be a welcome addition to the growing Valorant roster.

All the new leaks suggest that the upcoming Agent, Smokedancer, will possess flashy pink-colored abilities and excel at controlling space and defending from the enemy. Based on their codename and revealed Agent card, the area smoke ability may have disorientating effects.

Doubling up on Controllers in ranked games is becoming an increasingly popular team composition, so an additional option for a Controller Agent with Smokedancer should help expand upon strategies and diversify gameplay.

Valorant New Agent: Smokedancer Lore

Not much concrete information on Smokedancer exists yet, as their details remain largely unknown. Community speculation has theorized that Smokedancer will originate from the same mysterious magic-focused kingdom as existing agent Reyna with connecting lore. Still, only time will tell if this holds true.

From the leaked Agent card above, Smokedancer looks to have ties with nature, with either butterflies or moths shown alongside a rabbit-themed mask. If it is moths, it could imply that Smokedancer has "light" themed abilities to daze and confuse the enemy. Either way, this teaser leaves much to the imagination as anticipation for Agent 24 builds.

We're sure that as Smokedancer gets closer to official release, Riot Games will get fans hyped with reveal trailers and hints. For now, we can only speculate.

Final Thoughts

As Smokedancer's release date draws nearer, we will update this article with their official abilities. We'll also include all the new agent leaks and more information when revealed by Riot Games, so watch this space!

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